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ラッキークラフト LC RTO 2.5

¥1,385 税込


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The LC RTO Series The LC RTO Series is the first high quality plastic square bill crank bait ever made. Over the last several years, the LC Series crankbait has replaced balsa wood crankbaits in tackle boxes for cover fisherman everywhere. The LC RTO Series is a high floating plastic crankbait that is much more durable than its predecessor wooden crankbaits. The LC RTO Series reigns supreme in heavy hard rocky bottom areas where large bass lurk. Professional Angler The RTO series is the arsenal to the shallow cranking guru, the 2004 Bassmaster Classic winner Takahiro Omori, who is also known as “bank beater”. “It is essential to have your own style in being a professional angler. So therefore, if you have a similar style with other anglers, you are not considered a professional.” The RTO series is Takahiro Omori himself and his brand. It would definitely be a weapon that you would like to have in your tackle box.